Nintendo working on 2 new Zelda games for the 3DS?

A few weeks ago, Nintendo confirmed that they were working on a brand new original Zelda game for the 3DS. Today, a rumor has appeared stating that Nintendo is working on not one, but two Zelda games for the 3DS. According to this rumor, the games would be similar to Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons on the GBC. The source also stated that the titles for the game are The Legend of Zelda: Fire Prophecy and The Legend of Zelda:  Ice Prophecy. Along with this, an image of the supposed logo of the games surfaced. You can check this out above.

Please remember that so far this is JUST A RUMOR. Therefore, Nintendo has not confirmed anything and we should wait until Nintendo confirms or denies this rumor.

Do you think Nintendo could be working on two new Zelda games similar to Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: My Nintendo News]